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Seven Signs Your Transmission Needs to be Service

Mountain Road

Driving in the mountains of western North Carolina can be a challenging activity for drivers and their vehicles. Sharp turns and switchbacks, significant climbs and descents, and extreme weather make traveling in Asheville make it difficult to maintain your vehicle's longevity.

Your car's transmission often takes the brunt of abuse; however, there are key sings that can help drivers diagnose transmission issues earlier. In this article, we will discuss seven signs your transmission requires maintenance.

1) Your Transmission is Slipping

Like oil changes and tire rotations, your transmission requires routine and proper maintenance to perform well and live a long life. If your transmission seems to slip in and out of gear, especially while climbing or descending significant hills, it is a sure sign your vehicle requires maintenance. Have your mechanic inspect your vehicle’s transmission as soon as possible.

2) Your Transmission is Leaking Fluid

Leaking fluid is a sign your vehicle requires important maintenance, but it can be difficult to differentiate between transmission and other leaks. If you notice dark spots on your driveway or garage floor, next time you park your vehicle, place cardboard underneath your vehicle.

If you notice the leaking fluid is bright red, dark red, or brown, it is likely due to a malfunction in your transmission. It is imperative to have the leak corrected as soon as possible, to avoid further, costly repairs.

3) Your Transmission Emits an Unusual Odor

Transmission fluid should be replaced every 30 to 60 thousand miles, or in accordance with your vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommendations. If you smell a sweet, burning odor, it could be related to your transmission fluid. The smell is easy to confuse with radiator coolant, but you should have any unusual odors inspected by your mechanic.

Vehicle Maintenance

4) Your Transmission Causes Rough Idling

If your transmission grinds or causes your vehicle to shimmy while idling, or driving, it is important to have it inspected and serviced. Any vibration in your car, whether idling or moving, is something you should have repaired immediately.

5) Your Transmission Shifts Poorly

Whether your drive a car with a manual or automatic transmission, rough or delayed shifting is indicative of a transmission that requires service.

6) Your Vehicle Accelerates Poorly

If your car is unusually unresponsive at green lights or under acceleration, it may be related to your transmission. Have your vehicle inspected and serviced by a professional.

7) Your Check Engine or Transmission Warning Light is On

Never ignore your check engine lights, they are there for a reason. If your transmission is showing warning signs, from the light itself, to any of the other signs in this article, we are here to help. We work on every make and model of car, and our waiting room is always clean, warm, inviting, and playing Andy Griffith. Stop by any time.

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