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Four Things that Set Retro Lube Oil Change Apart in Asheville

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Retro Lube is committed to the highest quality customer service in a unique environment. As part of that commitment, we are blogging resources to help you care for your car between oil changes and tire rotations. However, with our first article, we wanted to discuss what makes our shop unique in Asheville, NC. 

From the opening of our Goldsboro location sixteen years ago, we have made it our mission to bring something unique to the oil change and automobile maintenance industry. Our stores are designed around the idea of the old service stations, where your attendant wore a bow tie and brimmed hat, and they cared for your vehicle like it was their own. Centered on customer service, here are four factors that make us unique in Asheville:

1) Our Comprehensive Vehicle Knowledge and Care

Contrary to our name, we are fully equipped to service modern vehicle makes and models. With decades of combined experience working on a wide variety of automobiles, Retro Lube’s technicians are qualified to perform quality oil change, tire, transmission, and a variety of other services.

From our home page:

Whether you have an ultra-sporty 2011 Ford Mustang, a classic 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, or an entire fleet of business vehicles, Retro Lube can perform your regular automobile maintenance tasks.

We will never try to sell you services you and your car do not need. We care about you and your vehicle and want to help you drive it for a long time.

2) The Amenities in Our Spacious Waiting Room

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Most people recognize us by our replica Andy Griffith police cruiser in front of our shop, but they are hooked when they see our waiting room. In addition to our collection of signs and classic decorations, our spacious lobby is packed with amenities, including:

  • High speed Wi-Fi
  • Exceptionally clean
  • Old-timey popcorn maker
  • Coffee, tea, and soda
  • Television inside old gas pump that plays old Andy Griffith episodes
  • Two to three times the space of average waiting rooms

We strive to provide the comforts of home. There is something in our lobby for children and adults alike.  In fact, our customers often ask to stay till the end of an Andy Griffith episode, even after their service is complete.

3) Professional Atmosphere Like an Old-Timey Full Service Station

When you drive up to our shop, underneath the cover of our canopies, one of our professionally dressed technicians will meet you at your car. Our staff is kind, courteous, and donning bowties and shirts tucked-in. The full-service experience is a lost art we have recovered at Retro Lube. In Asheville, we are the neighborhood for which you have been looking.

4) The Andy Griffith Replica Police Cruiser

Though having your oil changed or tires replaced is not as relaxing as walking down a dirt road, holding a fishing pole, we can ensure having your vehicle serviced at Retro Lube will be memorable. We are committed to more than nostalgia—we are committed to your experience. For current specials, check out our deals page. To schedule an appointment, give us a call. Otherwise, feel free to stop by our shop, “Where Good, Friendly Service is Always in Style.”



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